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Why Choose Moduplay Swing Seats

Moduplay Swing Seats for Commercial and Public use are designed for different ages and abilities. Our swing seats have a sturdy design, will not wear and tear easily and are compatible with many pieces of equipment from other playground manufacturers. By choosing replacement swing seats made by Moduplay, you are supporting an Australian-owned business that cares about local communities and our environment. It is important to select the swing seat that is appropriate for the age and abilities of the intended users. 


Replacement Swing Seats of Various Shapes and Types

A swing is the oldest and one of the most favourite playground equipment pieces. Swinging is exciting, thrilling and beloved around the world, whether it be a single swing, a double swing or group swing. Moduplay swing frames can be fitted with a combination of swing seat styles depending on the size of the frame and the position in the play area.

We offer a wide variety of swing seats, from infants to adults, inclusive and the ever popular Nest Swing seat. You can buy a full range of Commercial Grade Swing Seats suitable for Council Playground Equipment. If you don't see the product you need please contact us.