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Spring Rockers

Dynamic moving play equipment like spring rockers may also be known as Spring Toys, Springers, See-saws or just Spring Based play. All of the names refer to the moving and rocking play equipment commonly seen in playgrounds across Australia and the globe.

As a repetitive moving piece of play equipment, these items need proper maintenance and servicing to ensure ongoing safe and enjoyable use by children.

Our range of Spring Rocker spare parts are readily available to allow playground equipment owners or managers to keep their Spring Based play assets in good working condition and safe from defects.


How do you know what parts you require to service your Spring Rocker play items?

There are some items and spare parts common to many Spring Rockers such as base plates and the common spring sizes. Other parts for Spring Based play equipment may be more specialised and you can use our Part Identifier service for this by contacting our team with a description and photograph of the Spring Rocker parts requiring replacement. Contact us here

Our Customer Service Team will be able to provide a price and availability on the correct Spring Rocker parts.