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Playground Accessories

A variety of play accessories are available to keep your playarea pristine and ensure that every piece of equipment is in working order. Play activity accessories such as steering wheels and telescopes should be securely fitted and in good condition.

Every play accessory is manufactured to the highest standard in Moduplay's warehouse, allowing us to mintor quality control processes to the greatest extent and ensure only the very best grade of porducts are included in your playground. 

The accessories shown are a small selection of the entire range for our play equipment. If you don't see the product you need please contact us.


When is it time to replace playground parts and accessories?

Playgrounds are designed and built for children and taking care of them is of the utmost improtance in keeping children safe. Keeping up with regular equipment repair and maintenance can reduce the risk of injury. Your equipment should be visually checked regularly and operationally checked on a monthly, or quarterly basis. Every year, a comprehensive inspection should be carried out, establishing the overall safety level of the equipment.

Any playground parts that pose as potential hazards should be replaced. Any equipment that has sharp edges, unsecured moving parts or general wear and tear should be repaired or replaced immediately to reduce injury and pro-long the life of the equipment.