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Swing Chain

A swing chain is the linchpin of any playground swing set. We place all our trust in the swing chain to hold us up above the ground and it is vital that the swing chain is maintained properly for the safety of the children. 

Moduplay offer safety belt chain for infant and toddler swing seats, and stainless steel short link swing chain. The short link chain is manufactured at 6.35mm, in accordance with the Australian Standards for finger entrapment prevention, and sold per meter. The safety belt chain comes with an extra tube coating to further prevent finger entrapment. All our swing chain is rust resistant and made right here in Australia.

If you don't see the product you need or are unsure of anything please contact us, our friendly Customer Service team are always happy to assist.


How much chain do you need?

According to the Australian Safety Standards, all swing seats should have a ground clearance, at rest position, of 400mm. The miniumum clearance for a Nest swing is 400mm from the underside of the outer ring, when measured from the lowest point of the arc. Verticle tyre swings need to meet a minimun clearance of 100mm, this is due to the rubber material of the tyre that can lessen impact. Consideration should be taken for the average age of the users as the clearance may need to be greater.

For single point swings, such as the Moduplay's Pendulum swings, the minimum clearance should be 400mm from the ground and from the supporting legs of the frame. 

Taking this into account, you will be able to measure how much swing chain you require for your your swing set to be compliant.