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Tools, Labels & Adhesives

Unique tools are required to assemble, repair and maintain playground equipment. Moduplay stock a variety of tools, labels and adhesives to easily assist in the installation, repairs and maintenance of commercial and public playground equipment.

"S" Hook pliers are essential for opening and closing "S" Hooks when installing or replacing. They are available in 2 sizes and the jaws include a chain cutter to be able to shorten the chain on your swing sets to comply with the Australian Standards. This tool is incredibly specialised and will save you the time and the hassle of trying to open and close "S" Hooks. A variety of drive bits are available to ensure that each screw is properly drilled in and secured on each piece of equipment. The Torx Key helps tighten security bolts and the loctite is for securing threaded fasteners and preventing loosening.

With these specialised tools, you are helping to vandal proof the hardware and fasteners of your playground equipment. If you don't see the product you need, please contact us.


How do you pro-long the life of your play equipment?

Doing proper maintenance is the answer! The most important aspect of playground maintenance is to plan routine inspections. The main reason for routine inspections is to ensure that your playground equipment is always in excellent condition and that you catch minor issues before they get out of hand and become a safety risk to children. 

It is important to make repairs immediately, even if the damage is minor. Minor damage left unchecked will risk it becoming a major issue with costly repairs and possible injury in the future. If the defects are unrepairable, you should replace the part as soon as possible. Take time to plan an extensive maintenance schedule and only purchase quality approved playground parts.