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Swing Connectors

Swing connectors are just as critical and important to the swing set as the swing hangers and bearings. The connectors are responsible for connecting the chain to the seat or the chain to other components, bringing together the entire structure and keeping everything in place.

Moduplay's commerical grade S Hooks are designed to fasten chain to swing seat and chain to other componenets to help prevent binding. They are galvanised/zinc plated to resist coastal conditions and rust. The D Shackle is mainly used as a safety feature for a Nest swing seat. It attaches to the lug on the side of the hanger and to the chain on the Nest swing. Its main purpose is to "catch" the Nest swing before it falls, if the main chain were to break. The Moduplay Swing Boss is a chain to seat connector. It can be fitted without special plier tools and replaces the S Hook as it eliminates finger entrapment. The light duty snap hook can be used for connecting swings to chains where the seat can be removed each day.

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Swing set maintenance tips

It is important to understand what you should be looking out for with regards to maintaining your swing structure. Playground maintenance is crucial in order to comply with the Australian Standards, ensure optimal safety and prolong the life of your equipment.

Any rips, tears or cracks in a swing seat will compromise the safety of the swing seat, which should be replaced immediately. Check for any sharp edges or protrusions, as these can be very dangerous and hazardous in any play environment. Ensure to check all swing chains, hangers, connectors, bolts and other hardware for any damage or missing items. Also, make sure that the swing set is anchored properly and that there is no wiggle room. Check for any other wear and tear issues that could compromise the safety of the swing structure.