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Hangers & Bearings

Moduplay offer a variety of swing hangers and bearings for commerical and public swings. We have gone to extreme lengths to ensure our products give a long trouble-free service life, regardless of the most demanding climatic conditions. We offer commerical grade hangers for use in parks, schools and other public spaces as well as domestic grade swing hangers for backyard playgrounds.

Moduplay's range of hangers and bearings come in different types for easy installation on different styles of swing frames. From traditional swing hangers, to Pendulum, tyre or pipe swing hangers, Moduplay has got you covered. If you don't see the product you need please contact us.


Why would you need to replace the swing hangers and bearings?

Like any product or part on a playground, over time there will be general wear and tear, and swing hangers and bearings are no different. They should be routinely inspected and checked for sharp edges and/or cracks, rust and vandalism. Replace the hanger or bearing immediately to reduce risk of injury.